What is the Alawar Affiliate Program and which games are offered through the storefront?
The Alawar Affiliate Program is a system of storefronts through which affiliates distribute gaming content. The storefront includes all of the games in our catalog. The Alawar Affiliate Program enables the placement of downloadable casual games and online Flash games.
How do I register?
To register with the affiliate program, fill out this form. A letter confirming your registration will be sent to the email address you provide along with your information.
Is it free to register and participate in the affiliate program?
How much will I earn?
Our affiliates earn from $5 to $5,000 per month, depending on how active they are.
Can individuals become affiliates?
Can legal entities become affiliates?
Yes. Any organization whose activities do not violate law can become a partner.
Do I have to sign an agreement?
How will Alawar pay me?
To request your affiliate fee you need to contact Alawar Affiliate Support Team:
Can I set the prices for games myself?
No. We set the game prices, as we own the rights to all of the games.
Will I receive money for each game I sell?
For each game you sell through the Alawar Affiliate Program you will get a great revenue share.
How will visitors to my site buy games?
Games are distributed under a shareware license that allows the user to download and play a game for free for 60 minutes. When the trial period is over, the user can purchase a key to activate the full version. A key can be purchase through SMS, bank transfer, bank card, e-money and so on.
How often will Alawar update the content on my site?
We update our catalog every 12 hours, and one or two new games are added every week. Once you have our catalog running on your site, the updates will automatically appear.
Can I use one account for several affiliate programs?
Yes, but you will receive only one set of overall sales statistics.

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