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About the company

Founded in 1999, we specialize in the development, publication and distribution of casual games. Our catalog includes around 250 globally popular releases, making us one of the top casual game publishers worldwide.

We develop our own games through four internal studios: Alawar DreamDale, Alawar Five-BN, Alawar Friday’s Games and Alawar Stargaze. We also work with more than 30 developers, providing a full range of production, distribution and marketing services. Longstanding partnerships with external developers allow us to continually release a high number of quality games in the Western and Russian markets.

Our catalog has something for everyone, including Breakout-style games (Magic Ball and Hyperballoid), humorous arcade releases (Farm Frenzy), adventure titles (Natalie Brooks: The Secret of Treasure House and Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom), time management offerings (Pet Show Craze, Fashion Craze and Beach Party Craze), match-three puzzle games (The Treasures of Montezuma and The Enchanting Islands) and hidden object releases (The Treasures of Mystery Island and Magic Encyclopedia: First Story).

We entered the Eastern European market in 2004 and became the first company to sell casual games to Russian language consumers. Today, we have the largest collection of casual games on Runet and are the leader in that market. The popularity of our games can be attributed to our affiliate program, which enables website owners to launch their own casual games section featuring our products.

Casual games from our catalog are offered through more than 300 leading Russian websites, including Rambler-Games, and RBC. Our affiliate program offers a constant flow of quality games that will increase your revenues, boost your traffic and improve visitor loyalty.

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